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Welcome to our ministry website that is designed to share with you information about our church vision and our mission.  Through this online connection to our ministry, we pray that you will see or hear something that will help you Turn To The Power In Christ; so that you might experiencing the joy of Jesus Christ in your daily life. We are a growing church located in Baltimore, Maryland at 4545 Harford Road. We're so glad that you've taken time out of your busy day to visit our website and we pray that you will be blessed. We would also like for you to join us for our Sunday Morning Worship Broadcast at 12 noon by calling 218-936-8624 passcode 4545 and be plugged in to our LIVE Service. God Bless You and Thank You For Visiting With Us TODAY!





Latest Announcements


JOIN US For Worship Service @ 11:30pm on Sunday Mornings


MEN'S OUTREACH Meets Every 4th Tuesday @ 7pm at The Baltimore Rescue Mission

Marriage Ministry "CAN WE TALK" Session Two: Love & Togetherness
Saturday, December 17 @ 5PM

Marriage Ministry 2017 Pre-Valentine's Day Dinner & A Movie
Saturday, February 11 @ 6PM

WOMEN'S Ministry Outreach To KARIS HOUSE Women's Shelter
Every 3rd Sunday @ 6:30PM
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For more information on calendar events, please call the church office at 410-342-7313

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