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Women's Ministry

Our women’s ministry objective is to teach and equip women to grow in their faith so they can accomplish the lifestyle designed by God in order to please God through becoming women of FAITH. We want help women develop mature faith through fellowship with other women and serving in outreach. The focus of this ministry is to enable young women to discover and understand that the essence of virtue comes only from Christ, developing Godly principles of love, service to others and the true meaning of sisterhood, and becoming well rounded complete woman   The focus of our women’s ministry is to reach and train women through sound biblical teaching to trust in the in God’s word and grow to become strong women of faith. Ministry Program: The Mercy Clothing Store and Women’s Fellowship


Men's Ministry

Our Men’s main objective is to teach and equip men to grow in their faith so that they can accomplish God’s Kingdom agenda for living a life that rooted in following the teachings of Jesus Christ; and to help Christian men make the most of the opportunities God has given them by helping them become good Husbands, Fathers, and Friends that seek to live out their lives as designed by God. The focus of our men’s ministry is to teach, reach, and train men through sound biblical teaching to trust in the in God’s word and grow to become strong men of faith in their character, attitude, and behavior. Ministry Program: The Joshua Boys Mentor Program and Men’s Fellowship


(Sabbath School) Youth & Children’s Ministry

Our Christian Education ministry was created to help our children come to know Christ in a real way and be ignited by their faith to move the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their generation. The Youth and Children's Ministry at Christ Power Church seeks to minister to the social and spiritual needs of our children by Building Victorious Disciples for Christ The focus of our youth/children’s ministry is to equip youth and children with the Word of God to be totally submitted to Lordship of Jesus Christ and God’s perfect will for our lives. We meet every 2nd and 3rd Saturday of every month.

Usher/Hospitality Ministry

Our hospitality ministry recognizes and stresses the important adoring God in our services by greeting each and every person who walks through the doors of our church with the love of Jesus. Our hospitality ministry seeks to set a positive atmosphere for worship in the presence of God, our church family, and visiting friends. Our ushers, members who prepare food and members who visit the sick display a strong gift of hospitality and they understand the importance of knowing God and worshipping Him through the kindness and love that is expressed in our fellowship.


Praise Team and Dance Ministry

The importance of knowing God and worshipping him is stressed in our church. We believe that the Lord our God has power over all the heaven and the earth and He is to be worshipped in spirit and in truth. The Bible teaches us that one of the highest acts a person can accomplish is to find themselves in worship. We recognize and stress the important adoring God through our praise team and our kingdom dance ministry in our services.


Marriage Ministry

We want to teach and equip couples to live out the Word of God in their marriages. We want to help couples understand, appreciate, and leverage each other’s God-given uniqueness to foster greater communication, harmony and intimacy in our relationship. At New Christ Sent couples learn to communicate effectively, minimize conflict, and relate more harmoniously as a couple and accept and appreciate each other and how to complete and complement each other as a married couple.


Audio-Visual Ministry

We believe people in our AV ministry has been granted the gift of using multi-media to expanding the work of Christ by helping worshippers to visually walk in the Power of Christ by both seeing and hearing. Our AV ministry seeks to redefine the meaning of worship in our church through using multi-media. Through the audio/visual experience we will more fully realize the value in Christ and will embrace the opportunity to live and serve the Lord in a way that will bring glory to God.



Latest Announcements


JOIN US For Worship Service @ 11:30pm on Sunday Mornings


MEN'S OUTREACH Meets Every 4th Tuesday @ 7pm at The Baltimore Rescue Mission

Marriage Ministry "CAN WE TALK" Session Two: Love & Togetherness
Saturday, December 17 @ 5PM

Marriage Ministry 2017 Pre-Valentine's Day Dinner & A Movie
Saturday, February 11 @ 6PM

WOMEN'S Ministry Outreach To KARIS HOUSE Women's Shelter
Every 3rd Sunday @ 6:30PM
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